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04.18.06 at 2:49am]
just some icons i made commment and credit please! thanks

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want [Tuesday
04.18.06 at 1:23am]

I want
Wanting what I do best
Praying for my wishes to come true
Wanting him
Wanting him to love me
And hold me
Wanting him to banish the pain I feel

Wanting him to touch me
For him to pierce me
To create something
That thing full of life and innocence
Something that will love me through anytime
Love me regardless of my flaws and faults

For that is how he loves me
Knowing almost every thought
Every bitter memory
Every tear, every smile
He remembers those
And he still loves me
But not they way I want.

He tries and protects me
Battles all my demons
Banishes my past
saying it means nothing
Restoring my innocence
When what he saw was pain
And the innocence that is there
But needed to be dug out

I want it to stop
The pain I feel
Seeing him with her
Listening to him yearn for her.
And not for me
For if his angel breaks his wings
We’ll go back to before
Nothing more is wanted
I’m not what he wants
Being unwanted like that hurts
I’m shattered

I want
Wanting is what I do best
But what I want is a fantasy
A fantasy to come true
I want a happily ever after
Will my fantasy become a life?
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04.15.06 at 2:27am]
Endless thoughts

My thoughts are falling
Into a hell of nothingness
It’s endless
They go on
And ever
And ever
All these thoughts
Breaking me inside
Trying to get out
Pushing pools of falling
From my hazel eyes
All these thoughts
Of him
Of this
Of that
Of the past
Of the future
The things I want
The things that hurt
And tare you up inside
But none of them are good thoughts
All these thoughts kill me
The make
my eyes water
My heart ache
My everything hurt
All this thoughts
When will the bad ones leave
And the good ones stay
Only time can tell
For al I have
Right now
is time.
My thoughts
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04.12.06 at 3:16pm]
Relmas' watcher part 2!

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04.12.06 at 2:36pm]
Now new story!!!! this one has no title but it will be known as Vampire for now. this ones pretty good but i write it so i am biased u guys tell me what you think

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03.18.06 at 11:30pm]
This is my favorite story so far! its a vampire story so be warned! read it and love it...or else! fun of this story is I want everyone who reads it to predict who Freya, the main chara, will end up with, or you can pair everyone up. again this story isnt final so my fans my have a chance to pick the final boom in the story anyway read and enjoy!

Till death does us partCollapse )
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03.18.06 at 11:15pm]
Another story! How do I do it! okay sorry been rping with Cocky people today. Anyway so this is a story I've been working on for a while and i'm stuck on what is to happen next. I got this story from a lot of ideas and now I'll let the world see it but...its kinda pg 13 so be warned. okay enough of my babbling onto the story!

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03.05.06 at 4:14pm]
Hello its the Queen of hearts here again to give you a new story! This story isn't as bad as the first one but its still not great. I just like posting my work. if you all have any ideas how i can make it better please tell me and I'll change it.

Now here we go! Read more...Collapse )
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02.26.06 at 10:04am]
[ mood | creative ]

This is the 2nd story I have ever writen. The first story I've ever writen was on paper and was 83 pages long back to back. Well one day i got mad at my editor/friend and ripped the whole thing up. Now i have @ new editors, both I've never gotten in a fight with, and a computer so I have no ripped stories in my future i hope. If you like this story tell me. you can comment on it, make fan art, or even recommend parts. And now that I'm done Rambling here is my first and will be update every time i can.

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02.20.06 at 2:50pm]
Hello all this is your lovely writer, The Queen of Hearts. I've now created this journal because I wanted to post my stories so everyone can read them. So here i'll post my stories and you all can comment, edit, or even post fanart! Hope you enjoy them, a few of them aren't spectacular but others are really good, in my point of veiw.
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